5 Steps For How To Cook Without A Kitchen

Are you going to be without a kitchen for awhile?

Maybe you’re going through a kitchen makeover?  

Have an oven and a crockpot but no stove?

My sister (mother of 6) recently had an entire kitchen makeover/renovation done. (Lucky girl!)  She sent me her best tips and lessons she has learned over the past two months while she’s been without a full kitchen.  (Two months! I can’t even imagine.)

     1. Brainstorm what recipes you can make with minimal prep and/or stovetop cooking.


     2. Decide what utensils you can’t live without and make a list of them.  


     3. Set them aside as you pack up the rest of your kitchen.

Here's her list:

Utensils to keep out:
One big knife, one small knife.
Containers to send lunches*
Wooden spoon
Rubber scraper
Can opener
Vegetable peeler*
Serving spoons
Pizza cutter*
Small pot
Medium pot
Crock pot
Rice cooker
Hot pads-three
Dish rags-few
Dish towels-few
One small mixing bowl
One medium bowl*
One sheet pan—for rewarming pizza, baking cookies (purchased cookie dough) or frozen biscuits or rolls, or doing sheet pan dinners
Parchment paper and aluminum foil
Plastic wrap
Measuring spoon
A measuring cup
Sippy cups
Medicine syringe thingies
Small medicine cups-2 or 3
Muffin tins*
Small skillet
Medium skillet*
Bread knife*
Cutting board—small

The items with * she found she actually really needed and dug out. However, if you won’t be doing this for 2 months or you have a much smaller family, you may not need them.

     4. Designate an area that’s easy to get to and keep all your easy recipes there so they’re in one place.

     5. Sketch out a meal plan a week at a time using these recipes.

Originally she only kept out one small and one medium skillet but she said, “I ended up getting ALL of them out of boxes. We just use those Every. Day.”

The sheet pans she kept out also proved to be workhorses.

Next week, I’ll give you her list of meals and one of their favorite recipes she used during those two months.

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