Our Journey Toward Perfection

When I hear the word “perfection”  I just feel tired.

That is, until I heard a quote by Mary Craft and I finally felt some hope.  She is credited for saying,

“I do not expect perfection, but I do expect excellence.  

Perfection is not possible but EXCELLENCE is.”

How I LOVE this quote.  How true it is. Every time I repeat it, I am encouraged.

Perfection, as a concept, overwhelms me, and I immediately feel inadequate.

But excellence?  Excellence I can baby step toward.

Excellence I can work toward step by step.

And when I’m working toward excellence in something...it makes me smile.  I feel light, encouraged and I like looking at what I’ve accomplished.  And seeing where, if anywhere, I want to make it a little bit better.

I then feel ready to say, “Hey, good job!”

I’ve learned the solution to overwhelm is to take a goal and divide it into manageable pieces.  


I’ll write the goal I’m aiming for and then outline all the steps below it.  

For example, I want to compile my recipes into one cookbook. I hesitate to call it a cookbook because it's actually just a compilation of the recipes that I prepare for my freezer crockpot meals.  

However, I want them all in one place.

So I have the goal:  Chop It Fresh And Freeze It Cookbook.  A system of simple, healthy, freezer crockpot meals.

Then I write out the pieces that will add up to this goal being accomplished.  

  • Gather the recipes that I use to make the Chop It Fresh And Freeze It Meals,
  • Separate them into categories,
  • Browse pinterest for any others that I can convert and add to my collection, (I usually have to set a time limit so I don’t fall into the black hole of Pinterest)
  • Try out the new recipe,
  • Type them into a google doc,
  • Take pictures of each meal as I make it (especially if it’s a new recipe I’m trying),
  • Compile the pictures of each meal,
  • Design it in canva or find a graphic designer…

You get the idea.

Now remember, I’m a fitness trainer by training.  That means that I’ve raised the bar on myself in what I know and what I expect of myself for me and my family.  

I have become more and more aware of the need to change our eating habits as a family. And in my household, that responsibility lies with me, as the mom, a very busy mom.  

I’m here to tell you, I’ve cracked the code for my family and healthy meals and I want to share it with you.

But first, writing out and outlining a goal to achieve it with excellence!

  1. Write the goal.  The end result you want.
  2. Then jot out every single tiny little thing you need to do that will move you in that direction:  from making a phone call to googling x-y-z to reviewing (fill in the blank) to texting this person to emailing that person to making an account on… to checking the price of… etc.

Understand you will add to this list as you go and the list will blossom and fill in and go in directions that will surprise you, however, get at least 21 items on it to begin with...and

    3. Do 3 of those little tasks every day.

“Throughout the years that I have known Lei Ann she has consistently taught me that the life we dream of living is possible. It is up to us to be accountable to ourselves to establish habits that help us achieve a healthy body, fulfilling relationships, and confidence in our own personal abilities. Lei Ann is a powerful motivator because she is real, she is also a busy mother who has refined her ability to focus on what she wants to achieve in life.” ~Tasha

It’s been amazing to read what type of results people have had from recognizing the power of their habits and learning what to focus on and how to stay motivated to achieve their goals.  

By now you’ve figured out that with so many wonderful things out there to involve our children in, it’s difficult to have the time to prepare a healthy family meal… and you’re tired of the guilt… of once again, going through the drive thru or grabbing the frozen junk food to throw in the oven for a quick fix.

Yep. I’ve been there. I understand.  That guilt will eat you alive.

I know the days of overwhelm and busy - getting busier and family meals being desperation dinners.

I realized several years ago that I needed a healthy meal prep system that I could plug in immediately - and it would work!  

I was - and like you, still am - needed in so many different directions in the evening between helping with homework to sign some form or checking this or that, to listening to the piano or violin practice...

And I love it!  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

But to be over there with one of my children when they need their mom meant having the time to prepare a healthy, homemade meal was impossible without a lot of guilt, angst and aggravation within me.

I don't want to be the crabby kind of mom anymore.  That's not who I am.

And so I created a healthy meal prep system that was inspired by green smoothies meets freezer crockpot meals.  It works.  Every time.

If you want to experience my system for peaceful, hands-free, guilt free suppertime stay tuned.  I'm putting the final touches on it.  So you can be there for your family.

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