What's The Best Workout?

What's the best workout?

This is a question I get asked.  A lot.

The question is usually referring to strength training, cardio or flexibility.  And it's usually being asked by a busy mom that doesn't have a lot of time to mess around.

Know what I mean?

We have a finite amount of time and we want to get the best bang for our buck where fitness is concerned.

The beautiful thing is - when it comes to fitness - the best workout you can possibly do...

is the one you're gonna DO!

Each element of these workouts is important and has a place in our fitness lifestyle.

So!  Let's talk about that a little bit.

It always frustrates me when I get what I feel like is a non-answer and I want to make sure that I answer you a little more fully here than just saying 'go do any workout'.

There are some guidelines that give you a great workout every time.

Make sure you work muscles from the three largest muscle groups of the human body.  The chest, the back and the legs.

Choose exercises that complement one another.  Choose exercises that allow rest and recovery for that muscle in between working it.

Focus on form. Form is essential and makes all the difference!  It’s called the “pull of the muscle” and is what allows for the best growth, development and healing.

Talk yourself through your workouts.  Everyone, no matter how fit, will hit that point in their workout that they say, “I’m a little tired, I’m a little winded”... and in order to continue on, they have to dig deep and push.  It's the choice made at that moment that makes the difference in whether or not they reach their goal.

Now, I'm going there...let's talk a little bit about what I call:  Scales obsession.  I allow myself to get on the scales once a week.  

Friday morning before breakfast (after I worked out all week and before the weekend).  If I forget?  I wait until next week to get on the scales again.

I found myself obsessing about the number on the scale and attaching that to my value.  That sounds really weird to type it out, but there you go.

I made this rule for myself because I realized I had to find a way to turn my focus inward and to measure something besides the number on the scale. And what it has taught me is to concentrate instead on how I feel, on how my clothes fit, on how I feel overall in my mind-body-spirit connection.  

One of my favorite motivational mantras is: 

TODAY is the day I’ve been waiting for!!!

My life moves forward.  I don’t wait for anyone anymore. I have to answer for me.  I am the steward of this body and I have a choice on what my fitness lifestyle will be.  

The # 1 question I’m asked as a fitness trainer is:  How do I stay motivated?

The short answer is RESULTS.  Set a goal and start working toward it.   Let the results you get along the way keep you motivated. 

If you'd like more on motivation and my 5 factors of motivation, then you want to read this:  My Five Factors Of Motivation.

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