Food As Fuel

The way we accomplish anything in our day is by ENERGY.  We need energy to live. Energy fuels our body, allows our heart to pump, our lungs to breathe and our brain to think.

And if you think about it, the better our brains are fueled, the better decisions we make...and therefore, the better quality of life we can live.

Energy is life.  And food is the way our bodies get that energy.  To live, to breathe, to feel.

Here’s a brief outline of what different kinds of foods do for our body.  

You can see how you can solve a lot of troubles simply by knowing what to eat and eating well.


  • Energy for every cell
  • Great energy source for the brain
  • Favorite energy source for muscles
  • Offer fiber, several vitamins, minerals, and more


  • Offers calcium that helps our muscles and tissues carry out their jobs.
  • Keeps our bones and teeth healthy and strong


  • Eat in season when possible
  • Go for a wide variety of colors.  Think:...
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What's The Best Workout?

What's the best workout?

This is a question I get asked.  A lot.

The question is usually referring to strength training, cardio or flexibility.  And it's usually being asked by a busy mom that doesn't have a lot of time to mess around.

Know what I mean?

We have a finite amount of time and we want to get the best bang for our buck where fitness is concerned.

The beautiful thing is - when it comes to fitness - the best workout you can possibly do...

is the one you're gonna DO!

Each element of these workouts is important and has a place in our fitness lifestyle.

So!  Let's talk about that a little bit.

It always frustrates me when I get what I feel like is a non-answer and I want to make sure that I answer you a little more fully here than just saying 'go do any workout'.

There are some guidelines that give you a great workout every time.

Make sure you work muscles from the three largest muscle groups of the human body.  The chest, the back and the legs.


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5 Steps For How To Cook Without A Kitchen

Are you going to be without a kitchen for awhile?

Maybe you’re going through a kitchen makeover?  

Have an oven and a crockpot but no stove?

My sister (mother of 6) recently had an entire kitchen makeover/renovation done. (Lucky girl!)  She sent me her best tips and lessons she has learned over the past two months while she’s been without a full kitchen.  (Two months! I can’t even imagine.)

     1. Brainstorm what recipes you can make with minimal prep and/or stovetop cooking.


     2. Decide what utensils you can’t live without and make a list of them.  


     3. Set them aside as you pack up the rest of your kitchen.

Here's her list:

Utensils to keep out:
One big knife, one small knife.
Containers to send lunches*
Wooden spoon
Rubber scraper
Can opener
Vegetable peeler*
Serving spoons
Pizza cutter*
Small pot
Medium pot
Crock pot
Rice cooker
Hot pads-three
Dish rags-few

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Our Journey Toward Perfection

When I hear the word “perfection”  I just feel tired.

That is, until I heard a quote by Mary Craft and I finally felt some hope.  She is credited for saying,

“I do not expect perfection, but I do expect excellence.  

Perfection is not possible but EXCELLENCE is.”

How I LOVE this quote.  How true it is. Every time I repeat it, I am encouraged.

Perfection, as a concept, overwhelms me, and I immediately feel inadequate.

But excellence?  Excellence I can baby step toward.

Excellence I can work toward step by step.

And when I’m working toward excellence in makes me smile.  I feel light, encouraged and I like looking at what I’ve accomplished.  And seeing where, if anywhere, I want to make it a little bit better.

I then feel ready to say, “Hey, good job!”

I’ve learned the solution to overwhelm is to take a goal and divide it into manageable pieces.  



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